ClearCanvas Workstation offers an, easy-to-use, full-featured standalone diagnostic workstation for image review and utility. Based on the world class, widely downloaded open source application, ClearCanvas Workstation offers users CD/DVD burning, DICOM printing and an image review station solution that is scalable to any organization. Workstation is highly user customizable and full featured satisfying the needs of the digital clinical environment.

Easy to use

Whether you are transitioning from the analog to digital environment, need a single workstation to read extra cases or a utility, having an easy to use interface makes tasks more enjoyable and less time consuming. ClearCanvas Workstation gives users a highly satisfying experience with its stable, intuitive, consistent interface.

Fully Featured

With comprehensive modality support including advanced imaging, ClearCanvas Workstation offers an extensive array of tools including EaSel, hanging protocols, MIP, MPR, PET/CT fusion with SUV, PDF attachment, digital subtraction, spine labeling and breast tomosynthesis support, giving clinicians a complete set of diagnostic tools they desire. Combined with the intuitive user interface, user log-in/authentication, media writing, DICOM print and image editing make ClearCanvas Workstation a great utility for administrators and techs.